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     WHEN: OCT. 26th, 2013
     TIME: 6pm   Doors will be open at 5:45 for ticket sales.
     PLACE: Historic Washington Hall...(former Eagles Club)
                 405 Washington Ave.
                  Oshkosh, WI.

     PRICE: $40.00
     Your ticket includes...a light meal, a glass of wine & the show.

      Jennifer is a Psychic/Medium who knows how to connect with your loved ones who    have passed over, she has been doing this for 9 years. Jennifer brings humor & joy to this process.  There will be audience participation as some of you will be called up on stage to receive card/mediumship readings.  Costumes are optional...however, there will be a prize given to the best costume. There will be a spooky night of fun & spirit connection. Jennifer will be available for questions afterwards & the bar will be open to purchase drinks.  (there are no elevators & the event is upstairs).




 Next workshop will be in Feb. '1014'

       This workshop is for those I psychic?  Can I communicate with those who have passed?  Am I a natural healer?  How can I use my intuition on a stronger daily basis?  Jeniffer(psychic/medium) will take you through an afternoon of fun exercises  to  find out what your gifts are & practice using them.  You will read for each other with Jeniffer's help by the end of the day.  You will also learn to protect your energy & how to ground yourself.  We will talk about how to meditate & center yourself.  You will understand what your strongest "gifts" are & how to use & control them.  So join us on this day of knowledge & intuition.  Jeniffer has taught this workshop for years & can help you on your journey. 
   Workshop is at least 4 hours & we ask that you bring a dish to pass.
   Cost is $45.00 & will be held Sunday at 1pm, at Margie's place.
205 W. Calumet St. #8, Appleton, WI.
   If you want to save a space for Margie at 920-749-9484.

Starting Your Spiritual Journey

     These classes will be on-going....all year.

 At my place in Appleton.
The cost per class will be $20.00.

Please bring a notebook & will be taking notes !!

       We will start out with an open forum to get to know each other.
        Through these classes you will find the power you have within will learn to connect with to cleanse your Chakras...past lives & why you keep coming back...advanced Chakra class...opening up to trust your higher
power...angels & your angel wings...manifesting...we will touch on numerology...muscle response testing...your animal personality...pendulum(how to use it)...meditation...crystals & clearing them...goal setting, guided group past life regression.
          There is a lot more but we will see how far you get before more is put on you.
   If you are interested in taking these classes, contact:

Margie Ware at...920-749-9484

P.S. Did I forget to mention...these classes are a lot of can you learn without enjoying it ????



           New!!!!  (PAST  LIVES)this is not a class, it's a service I do.

                   Did you ever wonder what shaped you into what you are today ? Why you do things out of habit & where that habit came from? Why you have some fears & no reason for them? Why your partner & friends treat you the way they do? What your talents are(you have learned them in a past life & now in this life they will come natural to you). Find out why certian things get you so upset when there is really no reason for it. Find out what it is you are supposed to be learning this life. You will get a total understanding of what your life is about & a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

        It takes one week to complete, the cost is $100.00 & I will be writing this report out by hand & it will be 25 to 30 pages. I will need you to send me a $50.00 deposit & send the other $50.00 when I am finished.  Call me with your birthdate if you want me to write it up...920*749*9484.
or e-mail me at 


      It's not over...your journey is just begining:


 May the angels touch you softly with their wings & give you little kisses on your eye lashes.
 May they whisper soft words of encouragement in your ear & wrap you up in their ever so soft love.
 May they lay you down on an ever so fluffy cloud & wipe away your tears with their ever so soft feathers. 
 The angels are in God's hands & so are you.

Life is a gift
                                Don't waste it

Other services I offer are :

Hot Stone Therapy(fully clothed)                          
Master Reiki Healer/Teacher

Ear candling                                                          
Soul Journey Therapy ( 6 to choose from )                                         
Numerology(takes 1 week to write up)                                  
Aura Photography(with18 pg.readout & a free numerology life path report)                     

Seeing:(like a reading)                                              
Cellular Release(release of past trauma,fear,judgment,negative beliefs & death of a loved  one).                                                                  

  Look under (services & more services on this site for more information on the services above &

the cost for each service).

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                                         No matter where you go

                               There you are






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